NEED TO KNOW: Chopova Lowena is Emma Chopova and Laura Lowena combined. The talented designer duo is the second in the history of the Central Saint Martins MA Fashion course to enroll as a creative entity, after Marques’Almeida.

Inspired by traditional Bulgarian dress and 80’s rock climbers, the girls mix shiny sportswear with a high-tech folkloric influence to great effect. Think apron styles, leotards and harness skirts in graphic stripes and saturated hues. The transformational shapes are a beautiful hybrid of old and new, folk and metal, gloss and texture.

Missy of Ginger & The Ghost expresses the duality of the collection with her haute and fluid forms most fantastically atop the rooftop of her West Sydney warehouse, The Nest Creative Space.

Many thanks to designers Eleanor Ford of Sollis and Katherine Baulch of for their custom rope accessories.

Bettina x


LOVE your mother


LOVE YOUR MOTHER, the first in a series of online retail salons, bound by the now and until sold out, offers up ONE-OFF pieces, LIMITED EDITION runs and CUSTOM COOLS just for us. HANDMADE, made locally and hunted and gathered from all corners of the globe. Think Australia, India, Africa and Mexico in this mix.

A melting pot mix in the very nature of APPETITE FOR DECORATION.
A cacophony of colour, print, pattern and activism.
Beautiful ACCOUTREMENT for daily RITUAL. Made by hands.

PHOTOS: Amy Piddington





SAVAGE. Devout, possessive and strict. Bound by your love. Maker’s mark. Razor sharp, your wit and words. Persistence and endurance is becoming to you, becomes you. Deep.


SMOKE + MIRRORS. Energetic, enlivening, deluded. Frivolous the love you give and taketh away. Rhythm is a dancer. Mover, shaker, mirror. Maker believer. Haze.


FLY BY NIGHT. Delicate, fragile, decadent. The deep need to belong, to love and be loved. Fleeting and free, falling into you for just a moment. Going, going, gone. Stay.

Green is GOOD, IN BED. A great balancer of the hearts and emotions and then some. Envy, arousal, desire. The ‘little death’, alot. The colour of growth, renewal and rebirth represent. Likewise in good time, the love and lovers we take. Tender, possessive or over zealous. Highs and lows in love, oh baby! We’ve all been there. These altars made to men, a ritual in itself of putting them to bed. Good night. X

PHOTO: Nick Lawrence x